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makes you look old

and this time, it´s ok ;)
I had to do the same as pulp sushi did, according to her blog entry.
here is the first pic, that came to my mind, an I think, it works quiet well:

and here the original picture before aging:

The site offers not only this feature, you can do different things with your digital images, that´s fun! Thanks again, Sushi :)


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Interlude: my wishlist part 1

While my second exercise in knitting, a beret with a ponpon this time, is turning rounds in washing machine (to get a little smaller, actually ;) ), I´d like to open my own wishlist, filled with wonderfull things I found in shops, the web or books and catalouges. Belike I never will own some of these things, but perhaps some peeps, who like me, want´s to get an idea for making me a present. (How bold! ;) )

I found him at Etsy. He´s made of pewter and silver-finished, made by Pulp-Sushi. I love this piece, it perfectly fits into my current more romantic steampunk style. Oscar is the One and Only! Yes!

2.Another Octopus...
They´re haunting me these days... I cannot struggle, I simply love them ;) :

This remarkable necklace is made by the amazing Vecona, who is one of my big idols in crafting! I love her style and work for a long time. She´s is a big source of inspiration for me since I startet seewing and crafting myself.

3. li´ll octy in the oven...
It´s a cake pan, and, yes, its an octopus... again... I´m afraid, I have to find some other , not octopus related stuff now, or it´s getting boring here ;)...
Not really an essential tool, but decorative and exeeding!

5. a beautiful black jardinière by caleidolex:

or this one:
Ok, that has to be enough for the moment, I could continue with this, but I´d better stop here, before I start shoping ;)


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housekeeping with nanstyle...

was, what I had in mind, when I designed and sewed my first apron ever. I adore the pattern that still dottie had made, so I took this as base for my own apron. Well, and here it is:

And, before I forget again, here are some pics of the julpresent, I made for my hubby: a costumized box for his ties:

bought at nanu nana and pimped with Fimo, striped satin, foam, pearls and carton

a selfmade badge with his initials on the lid

in use and filled with ties and belts, a litte leaning cause of the belt, I know ;)

Well, that´s it for now, more things coming up next...


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my todo´s

I have a lot ideas on my todo list, I want to sew and knitt a lot this month. The first things are ready now, and here they are:

First a cap, my first one, inspired by schoolcaps and jockeyhats, made of cord and old, self dyed fabric, decorated with an old brass buckle and self covered buttons (I used the same febric for buttons and the inside) . This cap is the first part of my upcoming romantic steampunk project:
More pics here

Second new item in my closet ist my first self knitted scarf, made of black wool with little withe stitches on it, so I call this one my snow flakes scarf:
Third one is/ are a pair of slippers, and again: my first selfmade ones. Made of black soft velvet, self ironed satin hem and another old, self dyed fabric, filled with foam and fleece for warm feet all time. The bottom sole is covered with pleather, so that I can put the trash outside without gettig wet & cold feet.
the size is the german 36/37 (yes, I have small feet)

That´s it for now, more stuff next time. tomorrow I´ll sew my babydoll-apron, start to draw the first patterns for the G&L swap @natron und soda and cut the patterns for inselkinds university bag... There´s a lot to do, lets sew it ;)
good night, nänni...

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