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Interlude: my wishlist part 1

While my second exercise in knitting, a beret with a ponpon this time, is turning rounds in washing machine (to get a little smaller, actually ;) ), I´d like to open my own wishlist, filled with wonderfull things I found in shops, the web or books and catalouges. Belike I never will own some of these things, but perhaps some peeps, who like me, want´s to get an idea for making me a present. (How bold! ;) )

I found him at Etsy. He´s made of pewter and silver-finished, made by Pulp-Sushi. I love this piece, it perfectly fits into my current more romantic steampunk style. Oscar is the One and Only! Yes!

2.Another Octopus...
They´re haunting me these days... I cannot struggle, I simply love them ;) :

This remarkable necklace is made by the amazing Vecona, who is one of my big idols in crafting! I love her style and work for a long time. She´s is a big source of inspiration for me since I startet seewing and crafting myself.

3. li´ll octy in the oven...
It´s a cake pan, and, yes, its an octopus... again... I´m afraid, I have to find some other , not octopus related stuff now, or it´s getting boring here ;)...
Not really an essential tool, but decorative and exeeding!

5. a beautiful black jardinière by caleidolex:

or this one:
Ok, that has to be enough for the moment, I could continue with this, but I´d better stop here, before I start shoping ;)
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