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daily soaps...

We will have a little soap-party in march, for making some new soaps together. But I couldn´t take it, I had to make another new soap yesterday. I made a total amount of 2 kg fat base, so I decided to create 2 different soaps.

The first one is a spearmint-chocolate soap, very soft and creamy at the moment. it will get a little harder while drying the next weeks, I guess. For now, it smells and looks very yummy, I somehow now get an appetite for vanilla and chocolate icecream!


It´s made of best whole milk chocolate coating, cacao, dried and self hand-picked peppermint leaves, scented witht spearmint, vanilla, bitter almon and rum.

The second one is a spin-off of my research for the romantic steampunk project: I read a book about victorian householding and on chapter was about popular fragrances back then. So I made this soap, scented with rose, petitgrain, lavender, narcissus and freesia, rounded of with a few drops of sandalwodd and patchouly. I tried to colorize this soap with a brew of logwood, but that didn´t work that well, I´m afraid. I dare hope, that the color will change a little over the time of drying:


I think, the color is ok, the dark points in the middle of the pieces allready startet to brighten up.
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