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The Gothic&Lolita Swap: my reward

...for waiting :)

What I couldn´t know was, that my present was made in Budapest and sent from there, too, so of course it took a little while to travel all the way to northern Germany. And here it is, my new favorite blouse, the best I have in my closet.
Made by the lovely Trevian, who managed to create such a sweet blouse, just like the one, I was dreaming of. In fact, my biggest wish was to get a blouse with puffy sleeves and a rounded collar. I was squealing, when I opened the envelope, and continued squealing when I first tried this one on, I admit. It´s just so perfect. Thanx again, Trevian!

The Gothic&Lolita Swap

The Gothic&Lolita Swap

There are heart-shaped seams on all hems and the collar is decorated with black lace, the same that was used for the button tape.

That´s all I have to report right now, tomorrow my weekend will start after only 6 hours of work, so I guess there will be more news about what I did on Sunday. I allready started to make some vintage signs, but my acrylic paint is overage, so I have to buy new on Saturday. But thats only one of the current ideas and projects - of course ;).

so long, nan
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