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another job for me, the next measured mobile bag.
made for DaWanda, a lilac bunch of cotton candy, decorated with purple pearls, ribbons and flashy flowers. I think it looks cute in the literal sense. And I hope the new owner likes it too. the pics are not that good, cause I took them straight after finishing sewing, so the front pocket looks a little leaning, but it isn´t!




What else happened this week? I made this mosaic for Valentines Day with Flickr toys and ordered a copy in 50x60 cm. It now decorates our hallway and I love it :) So I hope your V-Day was ful of love, like mine was:

My creation

I ordered this book on tuesday and hope that it arrives today:

It´s not, that I don´t have "enough" books about sewing, but this one is special, cause it contains many declarations and tips for the different stiches on my sewing machine, some realy great ideas for new stuff and good step by step workshops for each piece... I had no choice, I had to buy it, and hubby said, it´s ok to do so... so I did ;)

So, my week was about spending some money and earning some, too. Next week my hubby will be on a business trip and this will be the first time, I have to stay alone in our house... We´ll see, how that feels like. The bad thing will be: I´ll miss him badly, the good thing beyond: I´ll have enough time to make all the DIY-stuff I planned, like some gifts for our wedding aniversary.
For now, I wish you a fantastic weekend :)
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