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wish me luck

oh my... tomorrow I´ll have to go to the first part of an, to my so damned much important assessment center at the company I work for. Ok, I know I´m ready to do the job, if I look on my competitors, maybe I should be more relaxed, because all colleagues I talked with about tomorrow told me, I´m the one with the greater experience and knowlegde in this sector. But I know, they are good ones, love their work that much as I do, are trained well. The only thing they don´t have, is experience, but is experience alone decisive for getting a new job? I don´t think so, so I hope...

But I´m nervous and not sure at all, even about what to wear tomorrow. Oh I hate situations like this, where you have to sell yourself for the highest price. BUT, and thats a fact, I´ll do it the best way I can and hope, that I´ll get the job. *breathing*

But, keeping it professional and positive: I can get this job, I can show, that I´m the one they want for it and I will show it! Yes... I can! (ups... coincidence?)

Meanwhile I clean up the mess called my room (thats what I allways do when I become anxious) and start with the Jul decorations here. Maybe tomorrow I´ll take&upload some pics of it and, of course a preliminary result, because tomorrow is only the fist day of this AC... Let´s hope, I´ll see the second one too ;)...

So long, wish me luck guys!


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soap opera

While another soap base is melting and becoming a good soap in the oven, I´ve got a little space to write about the weekend.

I held my first soap making workshop ever. Some workmates and my mom in law joined me on Saturday afternoon to make soap together. And for the first time ever I was the "teacher". I think it worked good and our soaps feel, look and smell fantastic:

We made 2 different soaps. a uncolored one with the warm and spicy scent of christmas: Chinese anise, cinnamon, cloves, orange and ginger, which is made on a base of cocoa butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil.

The second one I colored slightly green with green clay and scented it with lavender. It is an one - fat soap, based only on olive oil.

With this soaps we tried out some different molds, the celtic knot soaps are made in a milky way tray, the cute, but a little slender soaps below were made with silicon molds my workmade had made. We also used simple margarine jars and mini cake forms for the soaps.

Todays soap is a brown-black one, scented with ambra, sandlewood, vanilla and sweet nagh champa. I wanted an oriental styled, warm and wooden scent. The first load is cooling down outside in the snow right now and I´m confident, that this soap will be fine as well. For this soap I used the celtic knot tray again, because I like this look.

But, before I forget: I found a great site while surfing on cut out & keep: Craftynest, a blog with amazing how to´s round about the house. I just checked my cupbord, if I could make some cakestands myself :P. Just added the page to my favorite blogs, because Monica, the head and crafty hands behind Craftynet must not be forgotten. I´m curious about what could come to her mind next :).


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Ireland - revision

Just to show you guys some pictures from my trip to Shannon, where I visited (and worked for) the irish/english devision of the company I work for:

Sundays off, so you can spent 15 Euros for a view like this at Bunratty Castle, another 10 Euros for the bus...

find some real rare and nostalgic items like this cutter...

learn something about native irish achitecture, farming and history in general...

be stunned by the beauty of fuchsia trees, plants that don´t grow that big at home...

... and have a fantastic evening in Bunrattys Dirty Nelly´s (they say, it´s the oldest pub in Ireland) with the fantastic Irish Folk Band Trazz and their german mom :). (yes, these adorable young men are brothers... exept the right Sir, he´s the father) ... priceless!

We lived here:

at the "Oakwood Arms Hotel" in Shannon, a hotel with fantastic funiture, decoration and lovely staff. I love the details they put into it:


... the pub...

... right wing with the suite...

... a cute garden in the right corner...

... stairs to our rooms in the right wing...

That´s it for now, next time I´ll show some pictures of my new room. But at first, I have to wait for the postman tomorrow: amazon just confirmed the shipping of my World of Warcraft "Wrath of the Lichking" collectors edition... It´s play time again, I´m afraid ;). That reminds me: I wanted to make a picture of my "family": all my Twinks and mains I play in WoW... could be a nice picture, all together and me between them...
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I´m back

After a long while in ireland, in Shannon to be exact, and another while of sickness and weakness I´m back. Unfortunatelly my unplanned absence also messed up my dawanda account. At the moment I´m in negotiation with dawanda to re-open the shop. We´ll see, how the outcome will be. I just hope, that they are nice enough to reactivate my account, because I contacted everybody who was waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile I´m working on new stuff right now, maybe I´ll check out etsy once more, if a membership there would be worth doing and if the community is as great as the guys at dawanda.

I will stop packing my rare time with swaps and journal-rounds, organize it much better and find a way to don´t struggle with way too many projects at the same time.

But, most important right now: I finally want to get my driving licence. It´s hard after 10 hours in the office to stay focussed and even awake while the theory lessons you have to visit for the licence here. The worst thing is, that a cute little, silver coloured Opel Cosa ist waiting outside my house since my birthday for be driven by me. So, let´s hope I pass the 2 tests and get this damned licence soon.
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