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I´m back

After a long while in ireland, in Shannon to be exact, and another while of sickness and weakness I´m back. Unfortunatelly my unplanned absence also messed up my dawanda account. At the moment I´m in negotiation with dawanda to re-open the shop. We´ll see, how the outcome will be. I just hope, that they are nice enough to reactivate my account, because I contacted everybody who was waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile I´m working on new stuff right now, maybe I´ll check out etsy once more, if a membership there would be worth doing and if the community is as great as the guys at dawanda.

I will stop packing my rare time with swaps and journal-rounds, organize it much better and find a way to don´t struggle with way too many projects at the same time.

But, most important right now: I finally want to get my driving licence. It´s hard after 10 hours in the office to stay focussed and even awake while the theory lessons you have to visit for the licence here. The worst thing is, that a cute little, silver coloured Opel Cosa ist waiting outside my house since my birthday for be driven by me. So, let´s hope I pass the 2 tests and get this damned licence soon.
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