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soap opera

While another soap base is melting and becoming a good soap in the oven, I´ve got a little space to write about the weekend.

I held my first soap making workshop ever. Some workmates and my mom in law joined me on Saturday afternoon to make soap together. And for the first time ever I was the "teacher". I think it worked good and our soaps feel, look and smell fantastic:

We made 2 different soaps. a uncolored one with the warm and spicy scent of christmas: Chinese anise, cinnamon, cloves, orange and ginger, which is made on a base of cocoa butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil.

The second one I colored slightly green with green clay and scented it with lavender. It is an one - fat soap, based only on olive oil.

With this soaps we tried out some different molds, the celtic knot soaps are made in a milky way tray, the cute, but a little slender soaps below were made with silicon molds my workmade had made. We also used simple margarine jars and mini cake forms for the soaps.

Todays soap is a brown-black one, scented with ambra, sandlewood, vanilla and sweet nagh champa. I wanted an oriental styled, warm and wooden scent. The first load is cooling down outside in the snow right now and I´m confident, that this soap will be fine as well. For this soap I used the celtic knot tray again, because I like this look.

But, before I forget: I found a great site while surfing on cut out & keep: Craftynest, a blog with amazing how to´s round about the house. I just checked my cupbord, if I could make some cakestands myself :P. Just added the page to my favorite blogs, because Monica, the head and crafty hands behind Craftynet must not be forgotten. I´m curious about what could come to her mind next :).
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