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wish me luck

oh my... tomorrow I´ll have to go to the first part of an, to my so damned much important assessment center at the company I work for. Ok, I know I´m ready to do the job, if I look on my competitors, maybe I should be more relaxed, because all colleagues I talked with about tomorrow told me, I´m the one with the greater experience and knowlegde in this sector. But I know, they are good ones, love their work that much as I do, are trained well. The only thing they don´t have, is experience, but is experience alone decisive for getting a new job? I don´t think so, so I hope...

But I´m nervous and not sure at all, even about what to wear tomorrow. Oh I hate situations like this, where you have to sell yourself for the highest price. BUT, and thats a fact, I´ll do it the best way I can and hope, that I´ll get the job. *breathing*

But, keeping it professional and positive: I can get this job, I can show, that I´m the one they want for it and I will show it! Yes... I can! (ups... coincidence?)

Meanwhile I clean up the mess called my room (thats what I allways do when I become anxious) and start with the Jul decorations here. Maybe tomorrow I´ll take&upload some pics of it and, of course a preliminary result, because tomorrow is only the fist day of this AC... Let´s hope, I´ll see the second one too ;)...

So long, wish me luck guys!
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