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useless but funny: The WoW "Char Dice 2008"

Today I suddenly had this complete useless but funny idea...

As I mentioned in my last post, I play World of Warcraft. I play this god forsaken game since the open beta, before it was released. I never played it consequently, so that I cannot tell you about my lvl 80 char(s) with their "imba" equipment. But I play it consistently ;).

So, today while I was checking something at work suddenly a very tiny particle of complete useless creativity hit me and I thaught: "Whom do I play tonight?" With "whom" I meam one of my many characteres, counted 17, I could play.

And thats, what now is the result of thoughts like this: a paper dice, with 10 sides to dice, if I cannot commit myself on playing one specific charactere. I choosed 10 of the most played characteres (difficult enough ;) ) , took ingame screenshots of each of them and put them into a 10sided dice template I had found here.

Together with "Morpheus" as the font, that seemed to be usedt in WoW I finally got a template that looked like this:
I just had to print, fold and glue it. And after this it looked like this:

here is another view of the dice:

complete useless for daily life, but a funny Idea, I think ;)
btw: needless to say: I didn´t play any WoW tonight, because I was busy making this dice ;)...

Read you, nan


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Im so weekend

There is still nothing new to tell about the AC, I´m still waiting for our works council to confirm the "winner", from who we don´t know, who it will be or was. This is not an easy situation, because rumours are running wild in the company and I have a hard time not to listen and believe in them.

Meanwhile I took some pictures from my new decorated and completely changed room and finally decided to buy a new camera next year, because my nearly 6 years old Sony Cybershot definitively has seen her last days. Therefor I work for a big company which produces fine digital cameras I should know that a 3 times digital zoom, none optical zoom and the choice between only 3 scenemodes, without any opportunity to save any own modes does not make, what we today think is a good picture. but see yourself below ;). I tried my best to rescue some "quality" using Photoshop. The warm light comes from my lamps and candles, because these days it´s allways dark outside, when I come home from work.

The last days I was busy making some Jul decoration (yes, I still prefer to name it this way ;) ). First I made some cute paper houses after I had found the cute templates for them at flickr.

They are that much adorable, that I even made the pink coloured ones, although I don´t like pink thnings *g*.

Yesterday before playing a little WoW I decided, that I need to make a paper snowflake, which is based on a how to on cut out + keep.

This year I try to decorate the house without spending amounts of money, because buying that stuff ends in getting what everyone else who bought their decorations, have too. So I collected some pictures on Flickr and made some mosaics to fit in picture frames, revarnished some old stuff new in an antique looking white and hung baubles and lightchains on soon everything possible. (I even tried out on the cat, but she didn´t seem to like wearing little glittering stars)

But, before I forget, the most important: I had a fantastic weekend in Nuernberg, visiting some friends of the adorable WoW guild "Chaos", which I´m glad to be a (rare seen) member of. As I don´t know, how the other guys feel about posting pictures of them here, I just show an "after dinner" pic of me first:
Lygia, one of our hosts and by the way a really nice and cute witch and me (a not even less cute witch I hope) made a legendary meal inclouding franconian dumplings, mellow pork roast, one of the best sauces I ever tasted and salad. After dinner all of us were stunned, and this was the first time of my life I recognized that a meal can be a debuff (damned WoW slang ;) ).
We visited the famous "Christkindelsmarkt"
as well
and a restaurant called "Bratwurst Roeslein" where I had a marinated pot roast for the first time ever. The best thing was the sauce: a ginger bread sauce, from which I tried to guess the recipe by taste. I have to try it cooking myself!
We also visited the Nuernberg Castle and the historic town; Lygia and Babarus were fantastic and lovely hosts, I learnd a lot about myths and history of Nuernberg and, really, I had a great time! Thanx for that, my 2 sweethearts *hug*!

But now, let´s see, what my new room looks like at the moment.

It´s Thursday, the in many blogs I read the so called "Thankful Thursday" and the chance to live, like I can live my life now, after all the hard times, even without something to eat sometimes, definitively is some big thing, I´m really thankful for each day:

Here I sometimes sit and read, but most times my hubby or the cat sit there.

New locker, some space to store all the fabric and DIY books finally.

If you are a fan of IKEA, you might have noticed it: I love LIATORP

My Jul tree ;) formerly known as a black member of Ikea´s "Statist" family

I love white funiture and white, green, purple and grey as colour for decorations, so a white Amaryllis became a kind of consistent for the season. The heart was a finding in a local florist shop and was so cute (and cheap) that I bought 2 of them.

Working desk, sewing place and the place where the magic happens, if it´s happening ;)

Same desk, the other end: the PC´s place, if you´re talking to me via skype/ teamspeak or ICQ, when I´m writing for the blog or homepage or when we´re playing WoW together; thats exactly where I am. I choose a self arranged solution of Ikea´s "Galant" series in white for my room: my desk now is soon as long as my room and even goes round the corner, it also has a rounded cornor on one and a rack for the PC on the other end; plenty of space, that´s what I wanted and needed. ( btw remeber the heart?)

... and if we don´t talk or play, he takes care of the headset. It´s not ment in a blasphemic way, I´m not into Buddhism either. But I liked him, because he looks so peacefull and relaxed.

Just have to show you these cute mini- orchids, a really surprising present by the lovely Wudonia. I love them, allways wanted to have some; I just cant wait untill they reflorish! The cute rabbit-missy I found at Flickr, it´s drawn by the amazing talented leontine. The flying witch is a picture I drew some years ago.

Did I mention I play World of Warcraft? ;) That´s all that left of WoW related decoration, except the gameboxes itself and a wow mousepad; all maps are stored at the attic ;)

Thats all for today, lets see, what tomorrow will bring.

take care and merry meet again :)

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