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useless but funny: The WoW "Char Dice 2008"

Today I suddenly had this complete useless but funny idea...

As I mentioned in my last post, I play World of Warcraft. I play this god forsaken game since the open beta, before it was released. I never played it consequently, so that I cannot tell you about my lvl 80 char(s) with their "imba" equipment. But I play it consistently ;).

So, today while I was checking something at work suddenly a very tiny particle of complete useless creativity hit me and I thaught: "Whom do I play tonight?" With "whom" I meam one of my many characteres, counted 17, I could play.

And thats, what now is the result of thoughts like this: a paper dice, with 10 sides to dice, if I cannot commit myself on playing one specific charactere. I choosed 10 of the most played characteres (difficult enough ;) ) , took ingame screenshots of each of them and put them into a 10sided dice template I had found here.

Together with "Morpheus" as the font, that seemed to be usedt in WoW I finally got a template that looked like this:
I just had to print, fold and glue it. And after this it looked like this:

here is another view of the dice:

complete useless for daily life, but a funny Idea, I think ;)
btw: needless to say: I didn´t play any WoW tonight, because I was busy making this dice ;)...

Read you, nan

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