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3 a.m

... thats a song from Liv Kristine I really like and by the way it perfectly fits right now, because it´s 3:38 in the night here, I´m still sitting in front of my PC and I´m not tired at all.

Meanwhile I asked at etsy for help regarding the international shiping issues and immediately I´ve got help from some cute guys, who told me, I should try it. So I will open a shop on Etsy tomorrow after taking some more pictures from the newest goodies.

But lets recall the last week first:
I`m still suffering from bronchitis but with antibiotics, a lot of tea and a warm room it works somehow. Since I´m certified sick still but couldn´t stay in bed all day I did some sewing and some designing for new soap wrappings. I couldn´t manage to photograph it all by now, but here is, what I have right now:

Last week started with the idea to customize a pocket calandar I was given as a present from a former colleague, who happens to work for a health insurance now:

I don´t want to schlep around an insurance advertisement with me all the time, so I started thinking and sewing. Something matching to the adorable handbag artsy crafty babe sewed for me a year ago came to mind. So I used the same chandelier styled fabric:

It took me some days ( I needed to lift up some of my WoW characteres some levels in the meantime and sewed other stuff, I admid) but finally this former green beast looks like this:

Later last week I recognized, that my pin cushion was not big enough. The logical next step for me was sewing a bigger one, that would meet my needs:

(Sorry for the messy picture) The new one has got 18 cm in diameter and I can hang it on my inspiration shelf, nearby and reachable everytime while I sew something.

Last weekend also hubby reminded me, that I had promised to sew a clothespin bag some months ago. On Sunday I was in the mood, so I sewed this one, after researching the net and getting some help for my pattern from
whip up´s incerdibele "Über collection of sewing tutorials":

The green fabric I had found at IKEA, quite frankly we never get to the checkout without any new fabric in the trolley ;). The bag has become a little crooked, what reminded me again of not drawing patterns freehand. The next one will be more exact, I promise!

This week was filled with doc visits once more and making more soap for the up coming shop. I designed, printed and glued together unique new wrappings for the already existing soaps, took new pictures of some of them, like the ones below and today made two new soaps, which, right now, are drying in the kitchen: one soap scented with french vanilla and another one scented with essential orange oil; both made from a base of olive oil, milk, shea butter and goat´s milk. Tomorrow I´ll know, if they came out well, but even after a few hours they began smelling fantastic! I´m totally looking foreward tomorrow, when I will put them out of their trays!

Below you can see a picture of the last soaps I made.

The white ones are made without any scent, they were made for allergic sufferers in the first place. The blue ones are scented with Lent Lily, Freesia and Orchid. The tray was a jul present from my mom in law. I love the look!

Both soaps are small "guest soaps" and, yes, I sell them. As long, as the shop is not updated and online again, just comment this post or send me an email if you´d like to buy some of these little ones. They come in a unique hand-crafted paper purse in a quantity of 4 soaps; you can choose if you´d like to have 4 unscented, 4 scented or an assorted pack of 4. Tomorrow I will post more new pictures from the new wrappings and the other soaps.

But that shall be everything for now, just the last, most joyfull and most important insight: spring is coming, at least the snowdrops in my garden are telling me this:

So long, have a peacefull and crafty night! I´d better go to bed now ;)

Yours, Mone

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