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a 6-months summary...

... or the "same old song", to quote anothor song title by another great band - PAIN this time... by the way: While HE was doing this: we were doing that ;)

Yes, it was... uhm, let´s say quite satisfiyng having this fantastic artist in front of us and playing all the good stuff. For those of you, who are not into Metal that much, there is talk of Peter Tägtgren, who had held court with his solo/side project PAIN two weeks ago at the Wacken Open Air. But this blog isn´t about Metal or music in general, so, if you´d like to see more pics of strange guys floundering in mud, defenitively drinking way too much alcohol (at least some of them ;) ) and having a good time over all, then, feel free to check my flickr for this years photographical loot or see, what I and my beloved pals uploaded to our myspace pages ;)

But, how did I get the "same old song" thingy in my mind? Just, because, it´s allways the same: I plan, I set a deadline only to myself, for getting things done, like the shop or the never ending updating-my-homepage-nightmare or, most annoying, finally getting my driver licence. But there´s allways something strange happening. And, in this case(s), it did again. No dramatic stuff almost, but enough to receive setbacks in all the mentioned points. Anyway, here I am, and here I go.

So lets resume the past months since my last post in more pics than words, not that you get bored by reading all that stuff ;)

1st: newly sewed things:

new mobile purses, the orange one was an order, the brown one I made for myself.

Another "FeKa", as a birthday present for Dani this time. Unfortunately I totally underestimated the hard conditions in Wacken, so both front buttons need to be re-sewed now :(

a non-sewed tablerunner - non gothic, non victorian, just spring-like ;):

A ready-made Opeth longsleve; the band´s logo on the front and logo plus quote from the song "To rid the disease" on the back, both prints made with Photoshop and transfer foil (the shirt I wear on this pic):

the back:

The quote says "I have lost all trust I had in you..."

2nd: new soaps:
from the top to the bottom: coffee, honey (1st try) and vanilla-cherry. And no: one should not eat them ;)

Coco-soap in progress back in march:

OK - more pics and news will be shared tomorow - I promise. But for now, that has to be enough, I need to sleep; the holidays are over :(...

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