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It was a hard night

In this blog I did turn over to my non-crafty life before, and yes, I also did post a pic of one of one of my favorite musicians ever, whom I (and not only me) totally and absolutely adore. But I can´t stand it, I mus show you the newest pics *giggle*:

Yes, its Peter Tägtgren again, on Sunday night his band Hypocrisy opened their european "Long Time, No Death" Tour in Hamburg and we simply had to be there, we had no other choice :)
Want some more? ok, ok, here we go:

The gig was opened by 2 support acts, first were Drone:


Whom I really kinda liked, if they play nearby someday, I definitely will pay them a visit again!
The second support act were Survivors Zero, whom got the better critics after the both acts were done, but (sorry guys ;) ) personally I prefer it a little slower and with more depth and bass ;), but they weren´t that bad!

(Survivors Zero)

But at the end we were happy and had have a great, funny and (certainly) a completely lowbrow night at all, but that´s because we 3 girls cannot stand it and have to bugger around all the time ;).
So, if youre into Metal yourself, but aren´t sure about Hypocrisy I highly recommend them to you! For more (very serious) information, plus tour dates, check this out:

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