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Ok Folks, I´m back and updating the new template, for those of you, who´d like to know: it´s not totally selfmade, I still require a safe and well functioning template which I can mess up with color and space changes ;). The new one is called "community", designed by Bie (see link on the bottom of the blog) and came in white, light blue and anthracite. So again, I need to fit some parts of the code and, while going through and playing along I learn a lot again.

I also finally had the guts to write an e-mail to the adorable Katrin from Sew-mad. I don´t remember, when I first started trying to get a bilingual blog to run. It never worked, but Katrin, besides her great record bags and knitting inspirations for my mom in law (which usually result in cozy gifts for hubby and me :) ) has have managed to get it done. She had have some help, but finally I asked her today, because her blog works very well with it from a readers point of view. It would be great, if she´d like to help. I´ll keep you updated on this :).

Oh my, I´m in a chatty mood right now, but some more or less important things I simply need to spell out and share with somebody. No worries, only Good Stuff. One of the greatest Bands in my little universe will play a gig on Sunday in Hamburg´s Markthalle: Hypocrisy... I´m so looking forward, not at least, because my Girls will be with me. (Memo: borrow a digi cam on Thursday, get the hair done). We will take the chance to also order the long overdue tickets for this years Wacken Open Air. So I checked the website today. The Billing gets better and better. We still have plenty of time to see more bands being confirmed, but as of now, I´m happy enough, and only the attendence of Opeth, Bloodbath, Dark Tranquility or Katatonia could up the ante! I´ll see Orphaned Land, Arch Enemy, Tiamat and Týr again, not to mention, the fun an Immortal gig usually brings... But, did anyone saw, that ALICE COOPER will play there as well?! I thought I had drunk too much , when I read this. And if nothing goes weird, my request for leave during these 2 traditional weeks in August will be confirmed. So: lets order the damn tickets ;)

Craftyness is ongoing as well, I´ll need a laptop bag for cutie and her accessories (I named her, yes and it turned out to be a "she"), because she needs to travel with me this weekend. Second thing is a little gift I want to make for my litte Tomato, since she has some tough times these days and I want to cheer her up a little. But I don´t reveal anything yet, since it should be a surprise :). Tomorrow is my day of and after 2hours driving lessons I´ll start with both tasks. the plan is to get both done on friday latest.

The plaid still hasn´t grown, I think I need to sew on it again next week. When I started to sew it, hubby said that I will have it laying on the bed and finished by spring earliest. And I so want to have winter still, when this day comes... argh!

Ok, I´d better stop now, otherwise I´ll never get the new template done.

Thanks for reading by :)
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