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Greetings from Berlin :)

It´s looking good so far. We arrived here 4 weeks ago, I already have found a house for rent, and since last monday I´m also working in the new Center. I don´t have my sewing machine with me, so evenings are little boring here sometimes, not at last because of a sometimes difficult and slow internet connection.
I started planing the new kitchen, but this is a little stupid and useless, because I don´t know the exact measures of the room by now. I hope, we´ll have the keys soon and I can make exact plans. For the moment we´d like to go for a kitchen by IKEA, something like this:
Don´t be irritated by the red wall ;), our new kitchen has white ones and a light grey tile paneling. I want the oven to be stored high in a cabinet. As countertop we´ll go with a walnut effect; the sink will be something like Domsjö, the faucet will be Edsvik, both as shown in the sample kitchen above. I hope at the end we will see some kind of romantic steampunk-cottage style, if something like this exists ;). I still have some antique pharmacy bottles and glases, which will, carefully cleaned of course, contain my tiny collection of herbs and spices. Together with the rest of my collection I´m sure this will look great :). As colors I choose a light shamrock green, the same grey as on the tiles, walnut and cast iron black, which will come from the handles, knobs, kitchen crown and most of the other acccessories. I can´t wait to start shopping :). But, as I said, we have to be patient and .wait for the keys. So we should bridge the time gap with some first pics of the new house:

a view from the backyard to the living room.

the entrance together with the kitchen window...

the backyard, small but big enough for me ;)

We have brought Panni here last week, since she didn´t seem to fit in my sister in law´s cat family that well. Here with us she seems to feel good again, having her humans around seems to make a little difference.
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