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Quick note for english readers

Unfortunately again the bilinguality of this blog lacks of ease of use. It seems to be a negative side effect from changing the blog´s layout again. Since I´m on vacation at the moment and my scheduling almost is about visiting family and friends long time not seen and my online time is limited, I hope you can forgive me, if I ask you to simply scroll down in each post you´d like to read. Pass the German, the English versions still are there, below the German ones. I´ll try to fix the old posts as soon as possible, upcoming posts will work fine again. I saw this error appear once before some time ago, so everything WILL work as planned again. Thanks a million times for your patience :) To keep you guys curious for the next updates *attention: spoilers ;)*: 2 new bags had been ordered lately, both will be customized orders. I´ll share the work in progress with you, of course :) Today a trip to the nearby small and cute town of Schortens is scheduled, where we´ll meet my lovey friend and maid of honor Meli. She happens to be a wonderfull young gold smith and will take care of my wedding ring today (which we made ourselfs in the same goldsmiths 4 years ago), in which we plan to include a tiny stone. Pictures will follow :). So, stay faithful and feel free to come back any time soon :) Love, Mone
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